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Marketing & Leisure Management Limited operates in the boxing arena and offers a pioneering concept. The Company will represent boxers across weight-classes by scouting, training and mentoring and developing the best young talent it can find and promote its boxers to maximise sponsorship and advertising revenues.

​The team will scout for fresh, young emerging talent, sign them on via a management agreement, and engage the leading coaches and mentors to work with them and hone their skills in boxing, developing these young talents into world-class boxers, ideally within a span of 2 years.

During this period the young boxers and coaches will be provided a regular income, to ensure that they can focus solely on the job at hand and ensure healthy professional development.


Stock Selection is key to any investment decision, boxing is no different. Identifying the best raw talent, recruiting, training, teaching and preparing new boxers for matches on a world stage is a long drawn out process, requiring discipline, systematic methods, tested practices and capital to be in place.

The Company’s plans have been designed to support the personal growth and development of boxers in multiple weight classes - refining their skills in boxing while providing them with necessary mentoring and guidance necessary to shape them to be deserving world champions.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship revenue will be sought from business across a range of activities with a number of potential short and long term sponsors already identified.

Shorts and gowns, training gear, digital content, publications, media and social media will contain sponsorship and branding material. Revenue will also be generated through:

  • Brand endorsement and product placement
  • Corporate hospitality events
  • Personal appearances
  • Advertising

The Team

Harvey Shulman, Director, has had nearly four decades of exhaustive experience working with early stage start- ups in diverse industries, turning them into highly successful ventures.

Involved with designing and implementing several highly successful investment schemes, he has also been on the advisory board for a number of companies, preparing them to obtain required funding and investment.

His role includes, setting up and charting out a strategic direction for the company, designing and implementing fund raising initiatives, ensuring legal integrity of the business and corporate compliance and business training and mentoring for the various entities involved in the business.

Rupert Phillips, Director, has worked within the real estate and corporate finance sectors across a wide range of roles for over twenty years. His role includes developing and charting out a strategic direction for the company, designing and implementing fund raising initiatives, ensuring the integrity of the business and corporate compliance and representing the interests of investors.

Barry McGuigan MBE, Consultant, is one of the most respected men in world boxing. 19 million people watched him beat Eusebio Pedroza to win the world featherweight title in 1985 on his way to becoming the BBBofC Boxer of the Year in 1985.

His role includes assisting in-house efforts and discussion on how to identify and recruit young talent, working as a consultant for the trainers and mentors at the company - training them on key skills required to transform young, raw talents to world class boxers and advising the Board on the business side of the sport. Click here for an article about Barry and Marketing & Leisure Management.

Blain McGuigan, Consultant, has been immersed in the world of boxing since childhood. Blain has amassed a vast knowledge of the boxing industry through his workings in many different roles, ranging from matchmaking through to boxing production television consultant.

Since 2013 Blain has been the promoter at Cyclone Promotions, helping to stage some of the UK and Ireland’s biggest boxing events. His role includes working with Barry McGuigan & the team to help identify talent and recruit, event planning and management and assisting in designing and implementing unparalleled audience experiences.

Jake McGuigan, Consultant, has boxing running through his veins. Since graduating with a degree in Business in 2010 Jake has worked in some of the UK’s leading sports management firms, including IMG and WSM Communications.

His role includes working with Barry McGuigan & team to help identify talent and recruit, exploring the use of technology in a building a brand for the venture, providing direction regarding the use of social media and digital media to promote the concept and the Company as a whole and assisting in designing and implementing unparalleled audience experiences.


​This type of investment is only suitable for professional and sophisticated investors investing directly or high net worth individuals who are receiving advice from financial advisers who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

​It is important that you undertake due diligence before you invest. Please read the offer documentation and any other brochures provided by Marketing & Leisure Management fully before deciding to invest and seek independent advice if you have an investment adviser.

If you are interested in investing in Marketing & Leisure Management then please register here for more information.

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